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Charles and Susan Oropallo of Peterborough, New Hampshire, attended the Seventh International Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) Conference, held September 1-4, 2002 at the University of Lagos in Lagos, Nigeria. During that trip they met many interesting Nigerian individuals. 

They were both equally awed by the warmth, caring, and friendliness of all those whom they got to know while visiting Lagos. This was in stark contrast to the numerous warnings discouraging travel to Nigeria.

One Nigerian AVP facilitator in particular, Ebere Eugene Emerue, took the time to give Charles and Susan a personal tour through the college campus area, where he lived at the time, in Akoka, Lagos. The tour included using public transportation, showing them the college dorm in which he resided, taking them to places where students hang out, and much conversation sharing Ebere's thoughts, hopes, dreams, and pride for his country. As well, Ebere treated them to wonderful Nigerian cuisine at a small local restaurant on campus that he frequented.

Ebere told Charles and Susan when he started showing them around that he felt it was important for them "to see the real Nigeria and how Nigerians really live." From Eugene's words came RealNigeria.org.

RealNigeria.com was a natural offshoot, placed on the Internet as a way to assist Nigerian AVP facilitators with a web presence for their businesses or professional occupations.


AVP facilitators Susan Oropallo (Sunny Susan), Ebere Eugene Emerue (Gentle Eugene), and Charles Oropallo (Cheery Charles) on September 4, 2002 touring the University of Lagos grounds.

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